Shad are officially here. Eric says so.

Shad are officially here. Eric says so.

The Run Has Begun

Eric Roach, our resident expert on Alosa sapidissima (American Shad) has reported The first American shad of 2024 was caught in the Merrimack River on April 12th by Matt Davidson of Methuen.

The most popular way to catch the shad that are coming by is using small shad darts. Some guys will rig two, one heavier on top and one smaller one at the bottom. Some other guys rig a very small dart on the bottom, with a split shot up a little ways so they can cast. The darts should be very close to the bottom. If you’re not losing darts you’re not close enough to the bottom. Kay Moulton used to say that shad aren’t looking for bait, but the shad dart just annoys them into striking.

You can read more about shad here or watch this video that has some great information about shad fishing!



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