Shop Weigh-ins

Shop Weigh-ins

Well we are certainly seeing and hearing about a lot of fish in the area. The boat guys are doing well in the mouth of the Merrimac River, just outside and inside. Besides the big blues we have had around now for a few days, the bass have been active in different spots. The monster blues we had have had stripers mixed in with them. People that were fishing near the Captain’s Party Boats were catching mackerel because the fish were just pushing them onto the shore. Christopher Coppola from Derry, NH brought this 13-8 pound striper into the shop. He and his father went outside the mouth to Breaking Rocks and caught some nice mackerel, brought the inside the mouth and started live lining them on the Salisbury side of the river near the creek opening at the top of the tide. They had a good boating day!

“Hello to our friend Billy in Cali”


Then, not long after Chris was in Scott Duquette from Fitchburg, MA came in with is 19-8 pounder that he caught during the top of the outgoing tide off the south jetties on mackerel. See the fish come in the river with the tide and got back out with the tide. Ha ha ha. Had to end with that!


Liz Cowie
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