That means walk on, drive on, night fishing, and anything else you can think of.


And, since you have to go through their gate to Sandy Point and said gate is closed……………Sandy Point is also closed.

Sorry folks!!! As soon as we know any differently we will be sure to pass the news on.

Here is an article that appear in the local paper today:


Liz Cowie
  • Irish Spectre
    Posted at 13:02h, 01 October

    I think I’ll take a walk on to PRWR; there’s no door to lock, after all. As a citizen whose tax dollars fund those who are perfectly content to ride the welfare train (which I am NOT suggesting is everyone on welfare, but it definitely is plenty of ’em), I’ll be damned before I accept that it’s “closed.” Hell, is PI Sound closed, too??!!

  • nalo1022
    Posted at 20:52h, 01 October

    I was thinking the the same thing. Also if there is no one to open the gate there won’t be anyone to tell me to leave.

  • Modef
    Posted at 09:02h, 02 October

    How many times, on an October day, have you driven up to the gates, had no one there at all, fished all day and saw NO Fed employee?
    <<<<<many times for me

    • Christopher Husgen
      Posted at 04:58h, 05 October

      I saw a black Toyota Tundra driving on the beach yesterday at over 50 mph. The driver swerved around me as I stupidly attempted to get in his way. He could easily have hit anyone as he raced off of the beach at Fordham Way on the Newbury Town beach. The Tundra had a yellow kayak on the rack over the cab, and sitting on the tailgate. He had commercial plates, and a nice growl to the engine with aggressive off road tires. Anyone know this guy? Newbury, State, and Federal officers are looking for him.

    • pkw1689
      Posted at 21:35h, 06 October

      It just seems churlish to be to shut the gates because a bunch of postering idiots in Washington are being irresponsible. I would like it if the PRWR folks were a bit more human-friendly.

  • Christopher
    Posted at 10:52h, 03 October

    Just wanted to thank the fishermen that have respected the closure. I have not found any fishermen wandering down onto the Refuge. I have been spending a lot of time patrolling the road, and beach, and none of the trespassers are fisherman. Thanks to surfland for allowing me to air up my truck at your compressor.

  • Jeff
    Posted at 21:42h, 09 October

    Is there a good link about driving on the beach in the area. When it opens that is.

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