Skunk Man and a Red Neck from Minnesota

Skunk Man and a Red Neck from Minnesota

Skunk Man is back at it again. He sent us these pictures and story so we could share with our readers. Thanks for sharing John!

Hi Elizabeth, went back out on Friday. Who would have guessed the albies stayed put from 3 days earlier. Very picky though. Made about 50 casts. Cycled through all the surfland lures. Hooked up once. Also landed some big bass finally 39.5, 36 and skinny 36. All three of us had personal bests from our old, little boat. Released 5 others all over 31. Only harvested 1 other bass this year so I don’t feel guilty. Gonna go to a longer thinner leader for albie this weekend if the weather dies down. Expecting 7-8 footers Wednesday in long island sound. God bless! John

Albie fishing is hotter than hot right now on the Cape and the Islands. We had a group in yesterday at the shop stocking up on some lures. They had just gotten back from Martha’s Vineyard and shared these photos:

If this big red neck from Minnesota can anybody can. All on olive epoxy jigs I bought on Wednesday, at your shop


Again, the Cape Cod Canal has been hot. Al Gag’s Whip-it-Fish & Savage Sand Eels have been flying off the shelf! But don’t forget about the Bill Hurley Soft Baits and the Hogy Soft Baits. They also work!

Around here it has been the same old same old thing. A lot of fish in the 24″ and under range. The night fishermen are producing more bigger fish using live eels  and swimming lures like a Danny style one. And with Jose heading up the coast it should make for some interesting surf to fish over the next few nights. If you plan on coming these nights please be careful out there. SURF’S UP!



Liz Cowie
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