Skunk Man and the Albie

Skunk Man and the Albie

Well Albie Fever has started. A lot of people are starting to head to the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, and Ct (LI SOund) in search of this fast paced fish that gets everyone’s blood boiling. Today I received this great letter from one of our fishermen. Thanks John and thanks for allowing me to share.

Hi Surfland,

I wanted to drop a note to thank you for a recent experience….

I walked into the shop 2 weeks ago, after getting sprayed by a skunk the previous night (my dog mostly, I got some blowback). I had swung by the PRWR and fished lot 4 in the morning. I got the skunk again, but this time by catching no fish. I walked into the shop late morning with a huge smile. The man behind the counter asked why I was so happy. I told him that now that I was at SF B&T, I felt my luck would soon change. I saw some lures I’ve been thinking about getting for albies (having never caught one) and the price was right so I bought several. I fished for bass on the NH coast that evening and failed to catch but watched my friend ten feet from me land about 12 schoolies. 

Well….I went out on boat last evening, (in long island sound/CT) loaded for albie. 

What do ya know, I ran into albies after about 30 minutes from the dock.

At first i thought they were blues because I’ve never seen them hang around for so long. I first threw poppers and nothing happend. Then I thought they were bass but hmmmm…. something was different about them. When I noticed their tails sticking up, i knew they were albie. I put on a go to albie lure I bought last week at your store, the hogy “peanut” metal jig. About ten casts and I was on. However i was using a small 7ft Daiwa freshwater bass rod and matching reel. He sounded about 5 times and ran about 5 times. I Then he did about 3 circles around the boat. I landed it with net solo style after fighting my FIRST false albie. Holy crow that was fun and lucky. He was released healthy. Now I know what the little tail thumpers feel like…..Awesome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wishing you a great fall run!



So come see us for all you Albie fishing needs. We got what you need, most of the time! 🙂


Liz Cowie
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