Snappers on the beach!!!

Snappers on the beach!!!

Thought we would get your attention with this title. Sorry, it isn’t the ones you want, but it is a good story anyways.  Kay’s summer neighbor Chris & his family, found this snapping turtle coming out of the ocean on the front beach about 3 pm Thursday afternoon. It’s shell was about 12 inches in length, not a “keeper”. LOL. It was certainly hissing and snapping though. Not a happy camper at all. But, it isn’t the first we have ever heard of Snapping Turtles coming ashore. Chris brought it upriver and released it. These guys have seen it all on the beach this year. They have caught stripers, flounder, mackerel, pogies, and now they can add this :snapper” to their list. May not be the snappers they were looking for, but it will give them plenty to talk about.


Liz Cowie
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  • Joe Holey
    Posted at 22:52h, 01 July

    My brother and I saw one the size of a manhole cover a few years back at the Captain’s Lady, stayed in 2 feet of water while we were catching schoolies. Crazy!

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