Some July Treats

Some July Treats

Susan Grillo, Rich Grillo, Peter Novello, David Tremblay

Susan grabbed her very first keeper! A 29″ fish for the grill. Rich Grillo got his personal best striper, a lovely released 42″ striper. Then, of course, the dockside whole boat portrait with David Tremblay, Peter Novello, and Rich Grillo.

Tim Lynam

My name is Tim Lynam, from Chelmsford MA.  I  had a successful catch & release on Plum Island on sun. July 23rd. Landed this 49″, 40lb striped bass. I was using mini mackerel  happy birthday to me!

I caught this on a rented rod from Surfland Bait and Tackle on Plum Island. Thanks.


Stickman is the resident web design guy at Surfland. We pay him in eels.

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