Teddy & The irish lads

Teddy & The irish lads

Finally this ginormous storm has moved off and things are improving along our coast. The seas are calming down, the party boats are heading out, and it looks like it is going to be a nice day (although cloudy). That said it is time to hit the beach. Unfortunately since we have been advising anyone trying to fish to head to the rivers we have no information from the oceanfront in regards to the “fishability” of it. So we cannot tell you if seaweed is going to give you any issues over the next few days. The people that did come out to fish over the last few days and fished the river reported a few schoolies here and there but over all it was quiet. Today though there have been a few people already in and heading out. Just had two guys in heading to Sandy Point and said they would report back about the “weed” situation. Good luck boys! And with Teddy’s transition it marks the first time in two weeks that not a single named storm or even a tropical depression is present in the Atlantic Ocean basin. So this is welcome news and hopefully a sign of some good fall fishing heading our way!

Tuesday satellite photo

Missing the boys from across the pond…..

So every year about this time we have this group of good hearted hooligans from Ireland descend upon us for a week. They come to visit Irish Joe in Boston and after a night of celebration come to Plum Island to fish and recuperate in the fresh sea air. This year would have marked their 30th year coming and spending some time on the island fishing. Some years were better than others, but they were always a welcome sight in the shop. They would shower Kay with affection and stories and always made her smile, especially when they brought her chocolate!!! (Every knew Kay had a sweet tooth!) But this year they couldn’t make the trip due to restrictions that Covid-19 has brought, so they had to make do with a week away in their home country. Most of the boys are from the Dublin area (North Dublin Beach Casters) so they headed south along the east coast to the coastal town of Dungarvan in County Waterford. They have managed to get out in the boats and have caught some silver sea bass, so at least it is a bass! We have heard that they are missing Plum Island but causing plenty of havoc in Dungarvin. So to Pedro, Pablo, Kileys, Joe C., Laragus, Marky B., and Gillo…..we miss you and will catch up next year for your 30th! Behave, be safe, and happy fishing! Here’s a few pictures and videos from one of their trips………sorry about some of the language!

Some of the better days on Plum Island and also so they don’t forget what a striper looks like, LOL

Liz Cowie
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