The Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer

Well even though things have been tough around here lately there are a few fishermen still having the best summer eva! Dustin Leblanc sent us some images from a weekend of fishing with the boys. Nothing much else to say but EPIC! The pictures do all the talking here. Hopefully with the cool down later in the week we will see some increased activity! This pod must of found a cool spot and have been hanging out in it off shore! 

Around here things have sure been slow, but with the opening of some of the parking lots this past weekend on the Parker River Wildlife Refuge (more to follow) and with night walk on fishing being allowed in the open areas (purchase a permit at the PRWR Headquarters or guard shack during open times) there should be an uptick in activity. Fall is coming and that for sure means the big fish will start to run the beach. 

Dustin Leblanc:

Fished Saturday & Sunday in about 80 feet of water. First fish to the boat at 4:30 am. Found the fish sitting on top of the water which was so calm that you could see the whole pod swimming. These fish have been in the same spot for about a week. We also were out last weekend where we also landed about 12 over 40 inches also. 









Liz Cowie
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