The Connecticut Girls

The Connecticut Girls

We had some visitors up from our border state of Connecticut this past weekend visiting a friend of Surfland’s, Sarah Mitchell. They rented a pontoon boat from Riverfront Marina with Captain Andy at the helm and headed down the Parker River for some morning (I use this term lightly) fishing and some sightseeing and my guess….bloody mary sipping. Well they did get into some schoolies which you will see in the pictures. But I also wanted to share some of their pictures so you can see how beautiful it is in the Parker River and Plum Island Sound. So I hope you enjoy these pictures just as much as Sarah, Jen, Mary, Keena, Meg, and Jen (yes there is two!) enjoyed their trip!




Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……maybe some bloodies?


okay, time for fishing!





hello papa Kelly!!! ahoy matey!


so beautiful in the sound…………………….. hope you enjoyed the pictures!





Liz Cowie
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