The Mighty Merrimac

The Mighty Merrimac


Finally are hearing about some action in Joppa Flats this past week. With high tide being mid to late morning the action picked up for most. Baits of choice have been some top water, soft plastics, and of course the infamous tube-n-worm.  And with all the gloomy weather chartreuse is another color option that should be in your arsenal.

Joppa from the seawall Sunday morning

Mouth of the Merrimac River

The mouth has definitely been a hit or miss adventure this past week. Have had many a fisherman tell us how great they did one day and then skunked the next. So the past week was a roll of the dice when it came to the mouth of the river until yesterday. The river exploded at low tide and the bite lasted for a good two hours. Many of the guys reported catching well over 20 fish with most being in the 24″-26″ range. Hopefully the trend continues at the mouth this week.

Up the Merrimac River

The one place we do know that has seen larger fish is up the river all the way into Lawrence. The fish are chasing the herring up to gorge themselves of the tasty little things. Popular choices for upriver are big top water lures and again soft plastics. Try to mimic the bait in any situation.


The oceanfront this past week was also a hit or miss. Had a few guys out Saturday am walking the beach but came back saying they didn’t do anything.

Have also heard of some big fish moving their way up the Parker River. Some of the guys there tried to get them to bite, but said the fish weren’t interested. They must love those herring!

Flounder bite has been slow. Have had no reports from anywhere on that. Sorry.

The mackerel situation

Cannot tell you how many people call daily and ask if we have fresh mackerel. Very sorry that we have to keep saying no, just frozen. All of our suppliers go out with hope and expectations but come up short. Maybe it is all the fresh water pouring out of the Merrimac that is keeping the mackerel at bay. But whatever is keeping them way offshore we are hoping that it turns around soon. We are trying our best to get a hold of some!

Nao Santa Maria

But while you are in the area fishing you might as well stop downtown Newburyport and check out the Nao Santa Maria, a 200-ton replica of the famed Christopher Columbus sailing vessel. It is here for the week and cool to see!

Liz Cowie
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