The weekend report…..9/25/11

The weekend report…..9/25/11

     Okay, two of the regulars, Bill & Ken have fished the last two mornings starting at day break at the northern oceanfront section of the refuge. Both mornings at first light they have hit bluefish. Saturday they used metal lures and landed 7 big blues. Their smallest was about a 9 pounder and then the sizes got bigger. This morning they used top water lures and only got a few but they still said they were big ones. They were 11 pounders and up this morning. Another fisherman in that started his fishing day at day break. He also was using surface lures and landed a small striper and then hooked into a larger one but lost it near the beach. He said the beach is loaded with little herring right along the shore line.

     But back to Bill and Ken………they came in with a picture they had just taken that shows a shark, fin exposed crusing the beach front along parking lot 1, They said they had bluefish on, then some seals showed up, one even trying to take his fish, then they disappeared, and then the fin came crusing by.  They are going to post the picture on the Surfland Facebook page soon so log on and take a look. They also reported fish jumping not far from shore, but these guys came clear out of the water……sturgeon! Also had another fisherman in saying that there were two ocean sunfish crusing around out front.

     Well, not much to report for the “buggie” guys.  Terry and Dave were in after being down for the weekend.  Not much action for them besides a few small stripers and SKATE. Where is “Skate Slayer”? If he was there then he would have been catching them and everyone else might of had a chance for stripers! (sorry Jamie, had to get that one in).  Terry did report that an 8″ mackerel was caught on a striper rig. Boy, some weird activity going on along the oceanf ront. Must be the warm water.

     So, it has been a hit or miss weekend. Some lucky, some not……………but still worth a trip to beautiful Plum Island! Plus the fish will be here tomorrow…………after the weekend!


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  • Hungry Fisherman
    Posted at 19:06h, 25 September

    Lots of bait out there off the beachfront. Catching mackerel and herring in 20-40′ of water. Not catching anything live lining them and nothing chashing them around from what I could see. That’s when you know it’s getting slow.

  • Mikeys Dad
    Posted at 05:33h, 26 September

    Fished all day yesterday from Hampton to Emerson Rocks. Got bit off by a blue in front of the polio camp. Lots of bait! Loaded up with nice tinker macks at the warm water discharge.Never saw 1 striper. Saw lots of porpoise and got up really close to an ocean sun fish. It was almost as if he was coming to say “hi” to us, right next to the boat. The smile on my wifes face was worth not catching any fish.
    Pobably the last day on the boat for me this year, as it is time to go to Hatteras for big red drum!

  • anguillaman
    Posted at 08:18h, 26 September

    Fished lot 3 for several hours yesterday,,I did not catch a thing…neither did the fishermen on my right and left..say 12 rods or so.

  • Irish Spectre
    Posted at 10:32h, 26 September

    …looked for blitzes from shore around mid-AM and then later PM yesterday (Sun.) using field glasses, including Sandy Bay, Pebble and Long beaches and Gloucester Harbor. …nothing but flat H2O and deadness.

    …hard for me to believe, given the time of year and reports of so much bait around. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s the warmer than usual temperatures, and that the table is set for a decent run once it starts cooling off.

  • Joe
    Posted at 10:36h, 26 September

    Saturday morning, mixed bag of bass and blues outside the river mouth day break until the turn… I trolled back and forth between the South Jetty and the #3 can…. everybody headed for high sandy driving right past the fish…most of the blues were high in the water collum gourging on small herring drops.. the bass down near the botton… trolled bottle plug & goo goos accounted for most of the bass between 15- 25lbs… blues all took a herring pattern that I make simular to a rebel 2-3′ under the surface.. most of them in the 10lbs class…. I moved towards high sandy on the outgoing when the river mouth action slowed and picked up a few more blues on goo-goo’s trolled on wire…there were fish around…. just not working the surface blitz style…

  • unwinder
    Posted at 10:55h, 26 September

    sunday around noon-in boat: fished diving terns off cranes at mouth of ipswich, nothing, tons of bait
    moved to just south of polio camp, 15-9 feet of water, packed with blues, using blue bomber got 2 aroud 30″ had another hit on plastic, no teeth marks so assume striper under the blues, fished for <30 minutes had to go.

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