Thursday, October 7th: “Piranha”

Thursday, October 7th: “Piranha”

     Well the west wind is blowing, the seas are calming, and the fishermen are returning. It was nice to see a few of you back this morning to give this “fishing thing” a try. The beach was open today for the drive-ons. As far as i can see, they are again asking for you to use your best judgment when traveling the beach. The new moon is tonight, but we will have extreme high tides through the weekend, so be careful out there.

     Two of the fishermen that were fishing the north side of the refuge came in to report piranha. No, just kidding. But those peskie little “snapper” blues were out there today. Nibbling any kind of bait you had on the hook. One of the guys also had some bigger blues (5-7 lb range) chasing his top water lures but no hook-ups.

    From the southern end of the refuge I got a report from one of the regulars when he stopped by the store on his way home. He was fishing the oceanfront using topwater lures and caught a couple 25-27″ schoolies during the outgoing tide. He also reported fish breaking about 200-250 yards from shore. They were leaving a large wake behind them. Could it be those monster blues that seem to be cruising in the 40-50 foot range??? Bluefin??? Who knows, but it was nice to hear that there was something out there.

     So here’s to a nice weekend and maybe “skate slayer” can do a fish dance for us all.

     By the way, where are the boys from Tyngsboro???


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  • bob
    Posted at 19:54h, 07 October

    sounds like a blast…cant wait to get out there…Bass Rocks is the place to be this time of year….dont care about schoolies…want to get big fish in the fall…. no structure on plum is a major reason for no fish!

  • kyle
    Posted at 20:09h, 07 October

    If I could cast another 150 yards I would of been into big fish, bob.;)

  • talljeff
    Posted at 10:45h, 08 October

    hey hey.. workin and trying to teach hailey to make some plugs. heading down to either bass rocks or rye beach sun or even plum.. anyone had any luck?

  • bob
    Posted at 10:08h, 09 October

    go to bass rocks talljeff, or maybe even andrews point in rockport, some awesome surface feeds going on there in the last couple days! Plum has been dead as a dorrnail, a random fish here and there, but no bait is the problem. As for me, I will be heading to the canal. Great action there from what i hear from my buddies.

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