We Cry Uncle.

We Cry Uncle.

We know. We know. Tried all we could.

Closing the shop just before the season begins is a sad, but necessary move for us. This virus is no joke. So, to protect our loyal customers, not to mention ourselves, we’ve decided to close the door before anyone gets sick. You know it’s not easy for us. Surfland is a face-to-face community, with some selling thrown in.

Still offering the goods.

Though we don’t have a big online store, what we do have is plenty of gear you might want. There is a big pile of stuff we had ready for the (now cancelled) Plum Island Surfcasters annual fishing show. It’s our good deal-stack. So how can you get it? We’ll post specials daily on Facebook and Instagram.

Call in. We’ll mail it. 978-462-4202

As long as UPS and the USPS keep delivering, you can call in, tell us what you want, give us a credit card. We’ll ship it along. Though we’re still figuring it all out, we may offer curbside pickup too. We’ll keep you advised.


Stickman is the resident web design guy at Surfland. We pay him in eels.

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