Weekend Review – 8/22

Weekend Review – 8/22

Well here we are the end of August. The fishing has been slow over the last few weeks, what we here call the summer doldrums. Have heard of fish south of us along the beach, the southern end of the island, off of Ipswich, and down to Halibut Point. Some bigger bass have been caught mostly by the night fishermen south of us along with some big blues. Up on the northern end of the island we have had small fish biting from the ocean front on small lures being thrown from the beach. The river has also produced some small fish from the surf, but the bigger fish have come off the jetties or from a boat at the mouth of the Merrimac and just outside the mouth where the water runs deeper and cooler!

We had Andrew Demeter from Palm Beach Gardens, FL (a former Topsfield resident) and Bill Gaynor from Rowley in the shop Friday afternoon. The were out fishing with Arthur S. Page on his boat just outside the mouth of the river when Andrew hooked into this 46″, 26.8 pounder striper using mackerel chunks. They fished the high tide and the hours into the outgoing when they caught this fish as well as a 22″, 24″. and a 26″fish, again all on chunk mackerel.





Liz Cowie
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