Let the season begin!

That time of year is here again. The official start to the drive-on for the Parker River Wildlife Refuge starts tomorrow, Tuesday September 1st. So congratulations to the 70 people whose names were pulled in the lottery. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Due to some beach erosion in certain spots the whole beach will not be available to drive, but enjoy what there is to drive on and be safe out there.

The last two weeks……

The dogs days for sure! It has certainly been a slow two weeks, but with the change of the weather (we have felt it full force here on the island) hopefully there will be a change in the fishing. The big fish seem to be far and few but we are hearing of schoolies being caught. Some of the surf fishermen are reporting peanut bunker schooling up and down the beach without any big fish underneath them, but the schoolies are having a good chase.

There have also been some fishermen, boaters and surf, telling us that their bait is being cut in half. This “tease” of bluefish being around could certainly get you running for the beach, but we have yet to hear of any blitz’s so don’t get too excited yet. Craig from Surfland was fishing from his boat in the PI Sound. Had small bluefish all around but couldn’t get them to take anything. Finally puts a small Charlie Graves lure on and hooks a striped bass! Go figure!

Plum Island Sunsets

We do get some mighty beautiful sunsets out here on the island. Hence why the Plum Island Grille is such a magnet for people wanting to sit and look out over the marsh during this time of day. Martha has the advantage of living on that side of the island and gets this view every night. Some more vibrant than others, but all worthy of a look. So we will leave you with a beautiful sunset shot from Martha’s deck and wish everyone a restful night. Sleep well, be safe, stay healthy. Goodnight!

Liz Cowie
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