Windy Day in the Neighborhood!

Windy Day in the Neighborhood!

Looks like we have a Northeast wind and some 3′ to 5′ seas for a couple of days before things swing around. This can make for some unfavorable fishing conditions for a lot of fishermen. The Ledgers plus one were down fishing early this morning and have just returned saying that the seaweed has moved in. They still managed to catch a few schoolies under the seaweed, but they had to keep checking their line more than usual. But, on the other hand when the surfs up a bit, the fishing can be great. So that leaves you with some hard choices, deal with seaweed in the hunt for big bass or give it a rest for a couple days. Choice is yours!

Earlier this week, island resident Ken Cmar weighed in his fish that he caught out from along the oceanfront from his boat. Ken was just headed out for a ride when he saw the school of pogies busting near the start of the PRWR. He snagged a pogie and then proceeded to land this 23-11 pounder. Ken was a lucky one this week, the rest of the week was a continuation of frustrated fishermen in their quest to get the big bass to strike under the pogies.

KEN CMAR       23-11 LBS

Yesterday was the annual event “Back in the Maine Stream” held  at Riverfront Marina. Riverfront Marina on the Parker River is run by Kay’s son David who has been hosting this great event over the last few years. A group of boat owners graciously donate their time and services to get these veterans out on the water for some good fishing. We’d like to give a big shout out of thanks to all the help make this event a success for another year. The weather and seas weren’t the most cooperative yesterday, with many boats having to come back in and fish inside the rivers, but we hope that the veterans enjoyed their time on the water in our area, the good food served up at Riverfront and the Surfland swag! We so much enjoy being a part of this event and the chance it gives us to show our appreciation! Check out some of the pictures here and on their FB page.
Isaac Parker, nephew of Mike Wright landed a big fish on
the boat with Jimmy  & Brendan
Fred Getting some pointers from Ed Kelly
Getting down to the fishing part of things
One of about a dozen schoolies!
Another one! Fred had a good day of fishing for sure!
Liz Cowie
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 13:32h, 27 August

    Stormy just exercising her rights to be crude, don’t believe the folks at surfland edit the posts. Let’s focus on the fishing and the beautiful part of gods creation we know as plum island.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:01h, 27 August

    Nothing would make me happier…So why can’t we just leave the offensive crudeness out of the mix. SurfLand has been, and continues to be a women led organization. With all do respect, I have witnessed first hand that SurfLand does edit posts. Sorry, but this one just crossed the line with me. Thanks for at least acknowledging the crudeness. I do wish Martha, etc. would step up and take a position on this type of commentary.

  • joepete
    Posted at 11:57h, 29 August

    Sitting in the Berkshires and wishing I was THERE. Quit your bellyaching and hit the surf🐟🐟

  • Jack H.
    Posted at 19:22h, 31 August

    Hey anonymous I’m on your side. Stormy go back to dancing at Kittens. You setting someone straight?
    When you start a comment with that kind of disrespect for women none of your fishing knowledge is worth listening to.

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