Blues on the Cape

Blues on the Cape

Here’s a short video sent to me by Kevin & Tom. They hit the south side of the cape yesterday and got some nice action on 7-10 pound blues using metal lures. Now they are here to fish the river for sunset and the outgoing tide. No sleep for these two! (sorry if video is sideways)

Kevin & Tom

OH…….by the way. First known keeper to us was caught Monday on clams on the oceanfront! 29″! Dinner 🙂

Tom sent me this photo from last nights adventures

Kevin and myself fished the ocean front, got into tons of micros and schoolies, Kevin ended up pulling out a 32″ keeper and I pulled out 29″

Kevin 5.19

KEVIN is back again tonight for another adventure. This time with another fisherman who just outfitted himself with a Stormr Surf Top that just arrived today at the shop.

We will be carry a few of their products like the surf top, Fusion jacket & bib, and gloves.



Liz Cowie
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