Last day of June

Last day of June

How many of you remember seeing Kay in the shop reading with one of the cats on her lap waiting for you to walk through the door? You were either on your way out to fish or had come in from fishing or wanted just to come in to hang and chat. Whatever way you were heading Kay was here, ever ready to hear a good report so she could pass it along to the next fisherman to come through the door. It’s been two years……….. still miss Kay!

This year we have been caught a little off guard along with other shops at how busy fishing and all outdoor local activities have become due to the current situation affecting everyone in the world. Stock is running low, supply issues have gotten worse, shipping is a nightmare, but through it all our customers (long-time and new) have been terrific in supporting us, a small family owned business that was started in 1960 by Ray and Kay Moulton. Miss them both terribly, but glad they aren’t here to see whats going on in the world today. But we can guarantee that Kay would be thrilled to see so many of you out enjoying the outside and learning a new sport.

And with so many new people taking up sport fishing the island has been extremely busy, as well as other places. For the most part the fishing has been great this year. There have been days that the reports we get are that the fishing was slow, or nothing biting today, but in general we would have to say that it has been one of the best seasons we have seen in a long time.


The mouth of the river is still producing fish in and around the low tide mark, but with the increase of nice weather (except these past days!) and boat traffic, the bite can get a little slow down at the mouth. The jetties has seen some bigger fish being caught of them, but the rocks are not a place for all, so be careful if you decide to venture out on them. Here’s a picture that was sent to us from Mike Farah about a week ago. The little fish have been aggressive and hungry, this guy doesn’t look to happy about being caught.


The front beach is always a nice spot to go. It is the perfect place to spread out and have some room to fish, unlike the river that can get very congested. Again the oceanfront is a popular tide to fish during the top of the incoming tide, but it can also be just as productive during the bottom of the tide and the change. Feel like a broken record sometimes talking about the changing of the tides, but it is important. Never leave at the high tide mark or the low tide mark, always fish through the shift of the tide for a bit. You never know what will happen!


Would have to say the biggest news this past week is Joppa Flats. There has definitely been an increase in activity and fish size there. But like every year, Joppa heats up this time of year, its just a matter of how long it lasts. If the summer heat holds off and it doesn’t get to warm there things can stay productive, but if it gets to warm, the fish can get sluggish and not eat….just hang out on the bottom or move off to deeper colder water. We shall see! But did get a photo of a nice fish caught by Tony Chhay this past Saturday…………

Good morning Liz! After a schoolie morning blitz , found some cows in Joppa Flats caught on the  Herron saltwater xt! Me and my buddies were hooking up all morning with top water lures. Also, they were safely released !

Also got a few photos from Doug and Kailey. They picked up some worms, which we didn’t know at the time, included a special message for the day……. and today is the day to share with you. Kay would of approved of all the women that have taken up fishing in the last few years. Go Girls!!! We all know, no one worked harder than Kay!

Pogies, Menhadden, Bunker, etc

Yes the pogies are back in full force. The beachfront has been loaded with schools of them this past week. We’ve even had fishermen using snagging hooks and getting them from the shore. The boat guys are also snagging them to use as bait. Just remember………for all recreational fishing if you are going to snag pogies you must then transfer the pogie to an in-line circle hook to fish for stripers. NO MORE SNAG AND DROP!

But with the arrival of the pogies, a favorite fish of stripers and other marine life, the stripers tend to gorge themselves and then become hard to catch. They are full and no amount of tempting them works. So patience and hard work is needed to catch stripers during pogie season. So enjoy some sites of the other marine life that has arrived to feast on the pogies. The whales are back, the tuna are close to the shore, and they have been giving some great views to those lucky enough to be at the right spot at the right time.


Lots of people are asking if is it stripers that are jumping out of the water. No, it is just our prehistoric creature from the deep, the Sturgeon. They have made an incredible comeback in the Merrimac River and are known to jump straight out of the water. Why? not sure, but there are a lot around. Which also means that you may have one scoop up your clams from the bottom or foul hook one with a lure. Either way, remember…..can’t touch that! Just cut the hook as close as you can without touching the fish and let them go.

So with the holiday weekend fast approaching. Please be safe, follow the guidelines put out by the state and local towns, and remember to allow for extra time to visit us at Surfland. Must have a mask on and we have a limit of 4 customers in the shop, so plan accordingly.



Liz Cowie
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  • Bluefish
    Posted at 14:28h, 30 June

    When I saw the title of the blog I immediately thought of Kay. Still have a cloth bag her last batch of peanut brittle came in right by my computer.

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