May 16-18

May 16-18


     Well even though the weather has been HORRIBLE, we have some hearty people (Jeff & Toby ????) that have tried their luck in catching something for dinner. Yes, in the river, yes again during the bottom of the tides.  Three of the ones pictures here were caught on bait and one was jigs.

     This morning, we had John Noonan in the shop. He fished the bottom of the outgoing tide this am, yes in that “lovely” weatehr, and had a productive morning.  John used anything from a sluggo on a lead head to a lead headed jig. His biggest fish was a catch and release at 36″,  and he is going home with a 30″ .  Others were down the river this morning and did jsut as well. The latest man in, Danny Lall caught a 12-2 on clams.

     Oops, Jeff and Toby just coming through the door to fish for the day. Sorry guys, good luck today!! Better late than never 🙂


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  • Mikeys Dad
    Posted at 14:01h, 18 May

    Well,heck! Decided to work today because I didn’t feel like making the drive at $4.10 a gallon to fish in the rain. Sounds like I should have made the trip. Maybe Friday will be the day??

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