shad, stripers & sturgeon.

shad, stripers & sturgeon.

The fish are here, but getting to them has been tough.

If you have access to fishing spots then you have been starting to catch fish. We know!!! It’s been tough to fish this spring. Not only with the current situation going on in the world, the towns and others have closed down parking lots. And Mother Nature herself has not been our best friend (windy as heck down here on the island most days) It all just doesn’t seem fair.

But here is our first report of the season to get you even more frustrated:


The shad are usually the first to arrive. They head upriver from the ocean and are great fun to catch. Most are using very light tackle for them, they put up a great fight! Shad darts and flutter spoons seem to work the best.

You can read more about shad here or watch this video that has some great information about shad fishing!


Yes they are here. For the past week (when the wind wasn’t blowing!!!) the locals are starting to get more and more each day. It all started in the river because the ocean was a little rough to fish. One day there was one fish, the next a few more, and now a few of the guys have be getting 10-30 fish each time they go. And like last year and the years before, It all starts with buck tail jigs and soft plastics. On the days that the ocean was fish able they also have been picking up fish. Mostly walking the beach again throwing soft plastics and buck tails. Until yesterday………………….. Irish Joe hit the beach with some worms. Even though is was windy as S@#t! yesterday he just wanted to be on the beach. So he sat there with some worms and did nothing until he received a phone call to go back to work and just before he was packing it in the fish hit the bait. He didn’t get a chance to try for others because he had to leave, but he was fishing the start of the incoming tide when this fish hit. He said the fish was about 24″ but to tell the guys back in Ireland that it was 50′!!! Eat your heart out boys!!! Hope to see you guys in September!


These prehistoric beasts are getting more active everyday up and down the coast. You will see them jump clear out of the water both inside the river and out in the open ocean along the beach. Sometimes you end up foul hooking these fish and get a great fight out of it, but remember……………you CANNOT take them out of the water, they are protected so handle with great care while you hang over the side of the boat to unhook! Stickman did a great post a few years ago about the sturgeon. Here is is again to look back on:

Okay so this is our official first fishing report of the season. Hopefully they will open some parking next week on the island. If they do, the spots just might be limited so I would suggest getting to the island early to claim on. As soon as we know the we will let you know.

As far as the shop goes, we will also keep you up to date but plan also on a little more time to get through the customer service aspect. We are thinking of ways that we can make it both easy and pleasant you. Until the recommendation of wearing masks is lifted you will be required to wear one in the shop and we will have to limit the numbers in the shop. Whenever weather permits we will have an outside counter available for you to order at also. And if you do want to come in prepared to get lubed up! You will be asked to use hand sanitizer, and then will be able to touch anything in the shop EXCEPT YOURSELF!!!

Liz Cowie
  • Dave Mac
    Posted at 13:45h, 14 May

    I just wanted to say you guys have been absolutely fantastic through all of this with shop and product availability as well as fishing and fishing logistics updates! Thank you!! I hope you stay well and the shop gets back to some level of normal soon!

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